Meet the team: a 1-minute interview with …

Did you enjoy our previous post, and getting to know a bit more about the lovely Emily?

It is now time to meet Georgia, who – in her own words – gets to spend her time watching cartoons and reading about the latest video games.

Name: Georgia KennedyGK photo

Position: Editorial Manager, Fairchild Books (UK)

Hometown: Brighton, UK

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite movie: Leon

Favourite artist: Marc Chagall

The top gadget in your wish list: Microplane cheese grater

Coffee or tea: Both

Pet hate/peeve: My alarm clock

Known fact about you: I still regularly get lost in my home town of Brighton. It’s a maze out there

A Bloomsbury book you recommend: The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh (entertaining even for the mathematically challenged like me)

Latest book project: Very excited about the beautiful new edition of Stop-motion Animation by Barry Purves and Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography by Jesse Alexander is a fabulous and fascinating addition to our photography list

The best thing about your job: All the lovely, interesting people I get to work with every day

The best thing about working on the photography and moving image list: I get to see dozens of stunning images and watch cartoons as part of my job. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, reading all about the latest video games!

Your dream job: Zoo keeper. Ideally hanging out with the sloths

What 3 things would you take to a desert island? A pop-up house with built-in mod-cons (including a shower, washing machine and comfortable bed), a solar powered generator, and a boat with plenty of fuel

One day, I will … come up with a suitable witticism