Emotional Wellbeing of the Creative Soul: Keep It Positive

The 3rd part of a series of blog posts written ‘exclusively’ for Graduate Fashion Week by Samata

Make a conscious decision to surround yourself with the dreamers and the do’ers (when you find the two in one you have hit the jackpot) – the former are the ones who create trends and believe there is always a new way to do things, and the latter make the industry go around, arming themselves each day with the belief that you get back what you put in, and guess what? They are both right.

Not one of my close contacts in this industry is inherently cynical, don’t get me wrong, we certainly aren’t a bunch of happy hippies all day every day;  we vent about our frustrations, how challenging navigating the loops and turns can be, how exhausted we feel staying on the global clock and keeping abreast of never-ending industry news.

(Thank you Business of Fashion, FashionistaVOGUE and others for arming us). And of course, how irritating it is observing the judgement and dismissals of people outside the industry looking in.

But we love the bones of this business and would not have it any other way.

Fashion makes us happy!

Listed by Red magazine as ‘one to watch’ in their ‘Top 20 women under the age of 30’ in 2011.

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