Emotional Wellbeing of the Creative Soul: Be Patient and Authentic

The 5th part in a series of blog posts written ‘exclusively’ for Graduate Fashion Week by Samata

Building a fashion brand takes time, according to Forbes it realistically takes 18-24 months to get a business off the ground. Be prepared to put that time in, especially if you want to create something that will last, as we all do. Your relationships, work ethic, passion and personality will facilitate your longevity so nurture and treasure every connection you make, even if you see no immediate benefit.

Appreciate the time people give you, no matter how little it might seem – even if it just an email – as for all of us our time is extremely precious. Respect your connections, friends and peers and the same will be returned to you. Don’t only reach out to someone when in need of something (a favour, an invitation, an ask, a connection) because that tactical behaviour never goes unnoticed – when someone goes from being constantly unavailable to very responsive all of a sudden it is a red flag for me.

Make a habit of sending emails or making calls (yes I know, noone does that anymore!) simply to check in and provide encouragement rather than expect it, everyone needs that from time to time. Mutual respect and support is the basis of any decent relationship.

This classic Rebecca Minkoff video piece is a great start when it comes to putting yourself out there, take notice the take home advice….“Be nice and be real.”


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