British Book Design and Production Awards 2010

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A quick boast…

Just a short post to celebrate our win at the British Book Design and Production Awards on 5th October.

The Fundamentals of Marketing by Edward Russell won the award in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education category.

The judges commented: “A strong use of colour and typography allowed for easy navigation of content and key information was clearly highlighted. The overall print and production of the book was to a very high standard. Nicely done!”

Here is the lovely award (hard as it is to see it!), which we will be sending to our Production office in Singapore:



Basics Animation: Stop-motion was also shortlisted for this award, which has been won by AVA books in the past (such as The Production Manual, and our Fundamentals series in 2008).

 BPIF Vultus et Tactus


Our editor was presented the award by host Andy Hamilton, along with Stuart Linden. She was also sitting with Twiggy! (whose book won in the Trade Illustrated category).

  Winner of Primary Secondary and Teritiary Education Award (2)


To view the other awards, please visit the British Book Awards website.