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Designs created for visual arts events. What do you think?


Our head designer created a postcard template for us to use at events and I thought I’d put a few of them up here to see what you think… They have come with us to book sales all around the UK, as well as to events like New Designers, plus have been distributed in the US on visits to Art Institutes and conferences.


Created for the Art Institute at Tampa:


AI of Tampa pc-1 blog

AI of Tampa pc-2 blog


Created for the AIGA conference:


AIGA Postcard edit-1 blog

AIGA Postcard edit-2 blog


Created for SCAD:


SCAD pc-1 blog

SCAD pc-2 blog


Created for New Designers:


New Designers pc blog

New Designers pc back blog


Created for Graduate Fashion Week:


Fashion postcard final edit-1 blog

Fashion postcard final edit-2 blog



We have just updated this postcard with some of the great feedback the book has received – these cards will be coming with us to Animated Exeter, between 14th and 26th February 2011:


Animated Performance pc final 2-1 blog

Animated Performance pc final 2-2 blog


New! – This book is due to be published in May 2011, and will be part of our Design Management series. The postcards will be available at Ecobuild, the world’s largest event for sustainable design, taking place from 1st-3rd March:


Design for Sustainable Change pc final-1 blog

Design for Sustainable Change pc final-2 blog