AVA’s mannequin competition!

Announcement of the winners of AVA’s GFW competition…

This competition was inspired by the front cover of our new book, The Fundamentals of Fashion Management by Susan Dillon (out in October), which features a dress made out of copies of the Financial Times.

We are VERY excited to announce our winners as we have decided that we have to declare a draw! The standard of the two winning outfits was so high that we were all incredibly impressed and the office has been divided over who should win. Therefore the students who made the winning outfits below will both receive an AVA book of their choice!


Team 3


We loved the paper weaved bodice and the panelled skirt and the fact that the shape was so fitted.


And our second winners are team 6!


We were very impressed by the belt and the hourglass shape with the full layered skirt, plus the contrast of colourful and glossy magazine pages with the newspaper.


I also have to mention team 9, who created this amazing piece:


Some of our other favourites are below…

Team 1 – great use of the front cover of our old catalogue for shoulder pads and love the use of twisted paper to make the crossover back.


Team 4 – Madonna-esque! Great use of text and shape on the back.


Team 7 – very edgy! Good use of the cover of Vision and Values


Team 11 – lovely zebra print…


And our only full-length creation from team 13!


Thanks to everyone who took part, we hope you enjoyed it! Photos from all teams are available on our Facebook page.

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