The AUCB Fashion Show

Almost as good as being there! Photos of every fashion collection from AUCB.

Which is your favourite collection? Look out for the models who were part of the All Walks campaign and guess which collection made it to the final shortlist for the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award! Plus enjoy the collection titles. Photos in running order.


Clare Harman: ‘Meld


Ricky Moakes: ‘Boys you want to play with’


Eva Lojdová: ‘Evego


Sarah Brigginshaw: ‘When I grow up’


Gwilym Lansley: ‘Hiraeth dros y môr’


Meg Cornwell: ‘F1’


Hannah Lance: ‘Fashion security’


Emily Seymour: ‘A little bird told me’


Danielle Mort: ‘Too cocky for your own good’


Chelsea Gosling: ‘Wunderkammer’


Scottacus Anthony: ‘C21 Petroglyphs’


Emma Brown: ‘Twentyone’


Johanna Wulff: ‘Längtan till frihet’