Award-winning animator Barry Purves introduces us to the magical world of stop-motion in the fourth title in AVA’s Basics Animation series. We are giving away a copy of Stop-motion as today’s advent treat so if you would like to learn more about this unique form of storytelling just comment on the blog post by 4pm on Monday 19th…

Despite the astonishing advances in CGI technology in recent years, the results of stop-motion animation continue to fascinate animators and viewers alike. Whether you’re an animation or film student, or if you simply have the urge to learn more about this subject, Basics Animation: Stop-motion will guide you through the key elements that make this art form so unique.

The book’s author, Barry Purves (award-winning animator of Rigoletto and Tchaikovsky) explores how all the elements of film-making – camera work, design, colour, lighting, editing, music and storytelling – come together to produce fascinating results. The evolution of stop-motion is also examined, from almost accidental beginnings to a much-loved form of storytelling; one that continues to push boundaries after 110 years.

The author is passionate about this medium and his talent and experience have made this book an immediate hit in the world of animation.

‘To say this book is a perfect companion for anyone interested in stop-motion at any level is a tremendous understatement … As someone who has previously been a teacher in the medium, I am very excited to find a book that would make for a perfect textbook should I ever teach again.’

Mark Osborne, Animation World Network, June 2010

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  1. Indeed, Barry J. C. Purves is infectious about his craft. This book looks to be an expansion on his “Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance”, bringing the broader world of storytelling through animated puppets to a new audience.

    I would love to add this book to my christmas stocking this year.

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