Celebrating knitwear!

How Knitwear author Juliana Sissons has inspired us to dust off our knitting needles…

We have an interview in the pipeline with Juliana Sissons – the author of Basics Fashion Design 06: Knitwear and a very successful knitwear designer who was recently the designer in residence at the V&A, and who has also worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen. Since the publication of Juliana’s book, a few of us in the AVA office decided to give knitting a go – a few of us needing a bit of a refresher after learning when we were younger, and some learning how to do it for the first time. We were feeeling festive and thought we’d share a few of our woolly creations!

One of our editors produced some very impressive mittens


..and a very impressive MASSIVE blanket which she spent hours on as a lovely wedding present for her sister


…AND an amazing hat! Which she got a bit shy about modelling :)


We have also had some very pretty hot water bottles which make nice wintry presents


and some multi-coloured scarves


and a patchwork blanket


which required some help from an expert knitter


and which was put into immediate use!


Perhaps you will be inspired to pick up some knitting needles. Knitting is definitely making a comeback.


You can buy Knitwear from our website, where you can also read a synopsis, some info about the author, and reviews the book has received.