‘Basics Fashion Design: Knitwear’ author at MADE 2011

We were recently invited by Juliana Sissons – the author of Basics Fashion Design: Knitwear – to the opening night of MADE 11, Brighton’s Design & Craft Fair . Juliana was the Fashion Designer in Residence at the V&A from July-December 2010 and exhibited a selection of garments from her stunning new collection at this year’s MADE exhibition at the Brighton Corn Exchange.

MADE and the Brighton Art Fair – the largest art exhibition on the South Coast – attract at least 5500 visitors every year and judging by this year’s show it is not difficult to see why. We were overwhelmed by the variety and quality of work on display and left wishing we’d saved up to do our Christmas shopping at the show! A far cry from browsing the high street, the exhibition offered a refreshing opportunity to talk to skilled craftspeople about their inspiration, skills and materials and to buy products directly from the makers.

The exhibiting artists ranged from painters and printmakers to jewellery and textile designers, bringing a huge variety of products to the show (see below for some our highlights!). See the MADE website for more details about the exhibition and past exhibitors, and if you’re a craftsperson looking to sell your work get in touch to find out about the 2012 show!

A full list of the exhibitors and their website details can be seen here.


Gabrielle Vary


Betty Pepper


Sarah Lock Lighting


Alexis Dove


Rebecca Anne Lee


Juliana Sissons

Juliana’s unique collection was inspired by medieval armour displayed within the V&A’s Medieval and Renaissance Galleries; the garments can be worn as single pieces or together to form a whole outfit.




Basics Fashion Design: Knitwear is available to buy from the AVA website.

‘An exciting and inspiring book covering all aspects of knitwear design. This is essential reading for any knitwear student.’
Katherine Brotheridge, University of Northumbria, UK

‘This is yet another fantastic book in your range of Basic Fashion Design books. It is full of inspirational text and images not only dealing with the basics of knitwear, but also the creative side of research and portfolio presentation relating to a final garment or collection.’
Laura Green, Doncaster College, UK





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