Coming Soon! The Fundamentals of Architecture, 2ND ED

Are you fascinated by buildings and structures and the way in which people interact with spaces? Do you love sketching and observing the world around you? Maybe you really enjoy creating 3D models and objects? If so, the life of an architect could be for you. If you want to find out more about the fundamental principles of architecture, AVA’s second edition of The Fundamentals of Architecture is the perfect place to start. Read on to find out more about this title and to see a sneak preview of some spreads!

“At its simplest, architecture is about defining the physical space around us, for example, a room and the objects within it. It can be a house, a skyscraper or a series of buildings, or part of a master plan of a city. Whatever the scale of the building, it evolves incrementally from concept sketch or drawing to inhabited space or building.”
Lorraine Farrelly, The Fundamentals of Architecture, 2nd edition

Architecture is a complex and compelling subject. If you’re thinking about starting a career in architecture, or even if you’re already studying the subject, The Fundamentals of Architecture, 2nd edition is a clear and concise introduction to the many layers of thinking and exploration that go into designing a building. The book has been divided into six key chapters, covering topics such as site and context, history and precedent, construction, architectural representation and contemporary architectural ideas.

So how is the second edition different to the first? This revised and updated second edition includes detailed case studies of some of the most famous and celebrated examples of architecture, as well as concise ‘spotlights’ on influential architects, including Filippo Brunelleschi (Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo), Florence), Carlo Scarpa (Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona), Mies van der Rohe (The Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona), Tadao Ando (Kidosaki House, Tokyo) and Foster + Partners (The Great Court at The British Museum, London).

The book is beautifully designed and illustrated with key examples of architecture. This second edition also includes practical projects to help you explore the process of architecture, and incorporate best practice techniques into your own work.

The final chapter, ‘Realization’, has been completely updated with a new case study. This chapter follows a ‘real’ project, 6a Architect’s refurbishment of the South London Gallery, from inception through to finished construction. Accompanied by images taken throughout the project, this chapter will help you to understand the different stages and processes of an architectural project, from conceptual thinking to final construction.

The Fundamentals of Architecture, 2nd edition will be available to buy from the AVA website in June 2012. Don’t miss out!

Lorraine Farrelly co-ordinates architecture and interior design courses at the University of Portsmouth. She has lectured and taught at universities around the world, and presented her research on architecture and the European city at conferences internationally. She has written several books and articles about contemporary architecture and interior design.



Understanding site - Casa Malaparte, Capri, Adalberto Libera (top), The City of London skyline (bottom)


Place and space - Castelvecchio, Verona, Carlo Scarpa (top), La Villette Matrix, Bernard Tschumi (bottom)


A timeline of architectural influences


Conceptual sketches - Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, Peter Zumthor (left), Analytical sketches (right)


NYU Department of Philosophy, New York, Steven Holl


Functionalism - Isokon Lawn Road Flats, London, Wells Coates


The Project - 6a Architect's refurbishment of the South London Gallery


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