SA Fashion Girl reviews ‘Basics Fashion Management: Concept to Customer’

Sheri-Lee Greenway, aka SA FASHION GIRL, reviews the first book in AVA’s Basics Fashion Management series, Concept to Customer.

Concept to Customer has never looked to stylish! (Photograph: Sheri-Lee Greenway)


“I think this should be a textbook given to every fashion student… Concept to Customer is a fast read that contains a goldmine of information for a novice and holds important considerations for the professional.”

South African fashion designer, writer and “bubble wrap enthusiast” Sheri-Lee Greenway studied fashion design at FEDISA, South Africa’s leading school for a BA degree in Fashion. For the past three years Sheri-Lee has been recording her fashion thoughts and findings on her blog SA FASHION GIRL, and is currently planning her own commercial line. Follow the link to read Sheri-Lee’s review of Concept to Customer: Make sure you check out the rest of her blog too!

Read on to find out more about Concept to Customer

Basics Fashion Management: Concept to Customer

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions worldwide. In order to carve out a career in this exciting and challenging industry you need to have a good understanding of fashion business. Concept to Customer, the first book in AVA’s Basics Fashion Management series, explores the critical journey from product concept to end consumer, covering the following key stages: concept, trend and idea generation; design strategy and product development; retail strategy; supply chain and logistics; promotions, sales and customer relations. Concept to Customer examines traditional and newer roles within the industry, discussing the roles of buyers, retailers and merchandisers, and case studies and interviews with leading professionals help to bring the theory to life!

Kim Mannino, UK Director at Promostyl (international trend research and design agency)
George Sharp, Creative Director of St. John’s Knits
Belinda Dickson OBE (knitwear designer, Belinda Robertson knitwear label)
Rob Hendry, Sales Director at Courtaulds Textiles
Nicky Lovell, Senior Manager at Capital Shopping Centres

Case studies:
Marks & Spencer
Louis Vuitton

The author
Virginia Grose has over 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry. Originally trained as a fashion designer, she gained her professional experience with Courtaulds in the supply chain and product development sectors. She has worked with a range of international clients such as Marks & Spencer and WalMart. She is currently course leader in MA Fashion Business Management at the University of Westminster, UK.


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