New! The Fundamentals of Architecture (second edition)

The Fundamentals of Architecture (second edition) has arrived and we have taken some pictures to give a taste of the contents. If you have a general interest in architectural styles and want to know more, or are considering a career in architecture, or just like books about buildings, read on…

Architecture is everwhere around us, it frames the spaces where we work, live and exist. Architecture is not just about the individual buildings, but about the spaces between and around them and the cities they are part of. This book is designed to provide a window into the way architects think, consider and design buildings. It introduces architecture to a wide audience and explores the fundamental ideas that architects need to consider when designing buildings, places and spaces. There are many visual references and illustrations that explain the thinking process required to develop an idea and, eventually, build a building.


Using stone and brick. Brick House in London. Designed by Caruso St John, 2005.


Case study: Reconstructing a museum.


Case study: Designing a pavilion. Pictures from the Shanghai Expo, 2010.


Casa Mila (La Pedrera) in Barcelona, Spain. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, 1912.



More information and copies available directly from the AVA website or from Amazon. Also see this previous post on the AVA blog for more images.