New! The Fundamentals of Illustration (second edition)

For all those who have been waiting patiently…The Fundamentals of Illustration (second edition) has now arrived!

‘You enter a large, dark room and feel for the light. You find a bank of switches – row upon row. You switch one at random – a light illuminates a clean sheet of white paper lying untouched on the table. You try another – a biro doodle on the back of an envelope. Next, light falls on a scientific diagram. A further switch, surprisingly, turns on a projector and an animation starts rolling. You switch on others and a children’s book appears, a single tiny postage stamp, a framed drawing hanging on the wall, a row of labelled wine bottles, a poster, a map, a comic, a model stage set and a wood engraving. A computer screen lights up. An exquisite alphabet appears. A further switch reveals a group of 3D characters. The next, a drawing of a pair of shoes in a magazine.

The last switch shines a spotlight onto the switchboard. Each switch has a label: Communication. Opinion. Drawing. Narrative. Pattern. Idea. Fashion. Movement. Promotion. Media. Recompense. Style. Tax. Composition. Sequence. Abstraction. Education. Collection. Medium.

The door to this mysterious and exciting room, like the cover of this book, has the word ‘Illustration’ lettered on it. Underneath, in brackets, you read, ‘To illuminate or cast light on a subject’. Lawrence Zeegen has succeeded in doing just this in an intelligent, elegant and original way. Using examples that will stand the test of time, he casts light on the professionalism, philosophy and practicality of this vast subject.’

– Professor George Hardie, graphic designer, illustrator and educator.


The Fundamentals of Illustration second edition cover, with an illustration by Mia Nilsson


With new case studies, images and interviews with successful illustrators working in different areas, this colourful, modern and practical guide is everything a young illustrator needs to further develop their craft and learn about the business.


Case study: John Clementson


The power of the pencil


Celebrating process


Computers and the future of illustration


The music industry illustrator - an interview with Kustaa Saksi


Case study: Olivier Kugler



Table of contents:

Chapter 1 – The illustrator as artist (includes a case study on John Clementson)

Chapter 2 – The medium is the message (includes a case study on Tim Vyner)

Chapter 3 – From outcomes to outlets (includes a case study on Olivier Kugler)

Chapter 4: Communicating ideas (includes a case study on Damian Gascoigne)

Chapter 5: Making it happen (includes a case study on Ben Kelly)

Chapter 6: Production (includes a case study on Howard Read)


At the back of the book you can also find a list of useful contacts, a bibliography, a list of selected websites and a glossary. Plus there are lots of exercises throughout to stretch your creativity!


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