Happy new year!

We have had a good start to 2013 with a nice review of The Publishing Business from Publisher’s Choice.

The review of The Publishing Business: From p-books to e-books below appears in the January issue of Choice.


‘The Publishing Business serves as an illustrated introduction to how modern book publishers create and sell content. Smith (independent scholar) explains different types of publishers and outlines the variety of jobs available. The book dedicates most chapters to the main process of creating a book–from editorial through to distribution and sales. Each section includes several full-color charts, along with samples of covers and other products. This volume is part of the “Creative Careers” series, designed to help students learn about creative industries. It provides discussion questions and activities at the end of each chapter. Also featured are recommended readings, online resources, and a
glossary of key publishing terms. While the book is visually stunning and filled with case studies that range from major trade publishers like Random House to small presses like Persephone Books, the material is very introductory. Smith never dedicates more than two or three paragraphs to a particular facet of the industry. But this is one of the few titles that cover the digital revolution sweeping the industry, and it is a very accessible introduction. It deserves a place alongside Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking (3rd ed., CH, Oct’04, 42-0650) and Thomas Woll’s Publishing for Profit (rev. and expanded 4th ed., 2010). Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduate students and general readers.’ — J. Rodzvilla, Emerson College


Kelvin has also recently written pieces on the future of publishing for Publishing Perspectives and Book Brunch.


His book is the first in AVA’s Creative Careers series and can be ordered from Amazon.

There are more images from the book in this previous post.

Review quotes for The Publishing Business:

  • ‘…unlike other guides to publishing it’s a visual feast … Although designed primarily for publishing students this is a great book for anyone starting out in publishing to dip into and jargon-bust, from which they will emerge feeling more confident. And with so much gloom and pessimism about our future it’s refreshing to read something both upbeat and measured … It’s great value and you’ll definitely learn from it, however seasoned you are.’
    – Rachel Maund, Marketability, 2012.


  • ‘An introduction to the publishing industry as it is today. It stimulates and promotes curiosity and investigation from the graduate to the accidental author and publisher. This is neither a history nor complete compendium of publishing today, but it is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how the modern publishing world works and wants to play any part within it.’
    – Mick Rooney, The Independent Publishing Magazine, 2012.



  • ‘A must-read book for all of us who want to keep the publishing business alive. Inspiring, comprehensive, insightful.’
    – Teresa de Andrés, Visual Mag, 2012.



  • The Publishing Business is a marvellous book. Books on publishing tend to be rather boring, but not this one. Written in very accessible style, it is jam-packed with helpful information, insights and resources; it is also beautifully designed, imaginatively and richly illustrated, and with all sorts of nice touches. It is a real pleasure to dip into!’
    – Hans Zell Hans Zell Publishing, 2012.



  • The Publishing Business provides an excellent introduction to contemporary publishing. It is recommended reading for anyone wanting up-to-date information about roles and responsibilities in this global industry.’
    – Sally Hughes, Oxford Brookes University, UK.



  • ‘I think the book is superb! It looks so much better than any existing textbook on the subject, and practises what it preaches: it is a real visual feast for a visual medium. I shall definitely be recommending it as the main source that students need for their course. A really great production feat!
    – Brenda Stones, City University, London.



  • The Publishing Business is an excellent reference and will offer students a strong introduction to the opportunities and challenges within the current state of the industry. I certainly wish I could have read it before I started my MPub degree, if for no other reason than to get up to speed on the terminology … The Publishing Business is the first in AVA Academia’s Creative Careers series, and given its practical, comprehensive approach and clear, informative content, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the series’ future titles.’
    – Iva Cheung, Editor and Publishing Consultant, ivacheung.com.



  • ‘A beautiful book which is well laid out and thought through. It serves as an excellent introduction to the entire publishing business which does not overwhelm the brand new student, rather excites their appetite for the trade in an accessible way. As such, I will be placing it on our recommended supplementary reading list.’
    – Leah Tether, Anglia Ruskin University, UK.



If you have read the book please do upload a review to Amazon! We look forward to receiving more feedback and are hard at work on the next in the Creative Careers series which will be a book about working in the illustration industry…