Berg Fashion Library Wins PCAACA Electronic Reference Award

After the amazing IPG Awards results for the Academic & Professional division here at Bloomsbury, we were delighted to hear that the Berg Fashion Library was awarded the Electronic Reference Award at the Annual Awards Ceremony of the 2013 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCAACA) National Conference held at the Wardman Park Marriott in Washington D.C. on March 29, 2013.

What the judges said:

The committee chose the Berg Fashion Library as our Electronic Reference Award winner for 2013. Not only was the quality of research astoundingly well developed, but its use of web-specific dynamics, including images and links to secondary materials, provided a thorough and insightful investigation of the history of fashion. The breadth of material provided a strong sense of history and the focus on individual fashion elements helped personalize the experience. We appreciate the time, energy and work that was put into the Fashion Library!

We took the opportunity to introduce you to the Library on a previous post already, but we thought you may like to know that we have now freed up a couple of new popular culture articles to celebrate: Music and Fashion and Cosplay – these are only available for free for a limited period, so take advantage before they disappear!