Halloween Special

A Bloomsbury tale of dark arts. Only those who dare read on will find the freebie

Here’s a story of a team like no other.

A group of dark, tormented souls, whose only aim was to turn the Bloomsbury Visual Arts kingdom into a land of darkness, as lost and tortured as themselves.

This team of wizards acted in total secrecy.

Locked up in their tower, they made every seemingly harmless animation book a book for the damned – plagued with captured frozen ghosts, headless hunters, and trapped spirits.

Only the bravest of animation students would dare to try and unlock the secrets of their abilities.


The wicked queen, in the meantime, was busy recruiting hoards of vampires, zombies and creatures of the night, which she was commanding into her very own army (for this, she did some scarily thorough research down in the vaults of the tower’s fashion library).

Her majestic attire (sustainably made from recycled materials) struck nothing but terror into anyone who dared look her in the eye, or comment on the enormity of her skirt.

Once human, her black heart was eventually consumed by the surrounding darkness, turning her into an unmoveable being, a papier-maché rock that forever resented the humanity of others around her.


Such was her cruelty that she had one of her maids thrown on to a pit of sharks simply because of her small, delicate feet.

Something the wicked queen no longer had.











All manner of newly-born creatures crept through the peaceful offices at night, preparing themselves to steal the innocent souls of those who would sit there in the morning.

The puppet master eternally tormented for having ever allowed them out of the dark arts book she had once crafted.


It wasn’t long before the darkness spread to nearby settlements.
Teen slasher legends started to appear; spectralities and monsters crawled over pages and pages of once untarnished academia. Monster Culture emerged.


This army of newly-born creatures felt so invincible, they even decided to reveal some of the best-kept secrets of the London shadows … (Jack – the Ripper – wasn’t altogether that happy about this decision, his legend would have to be revised)
And why all this, I hear you cry.

 It was their only way to achieve their ultimate goal – to extend their black fingers and reach across the screen.

To reach you

… So they could get into your head too, and  finally take that step closer to getting you to knit their seasonal freebie:

 Happy Halloween, everyone!