Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year 2014 & 2013

We are kick-starting the week with the amazing news that we have been awarded The Bookseller’s Academic, Educational and Professional Publisher of the Year award for a second year in a row!


We are thrilled to announce that Bloomsbury’s Academic & Professional Division has won the Bookseller Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year Award, for an unprecedented second year in a row.

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And from a shortlist displaying an abundance of energy and innovation, the judges’ winner stands apart ‘for the scale and range of its ambition and its continuing surge in sales’. Bloomsbury’s desire to get new value out of old content is at the heart of its success. By delving deep into its rich archives of content, it has driven the legacy of publishing at its disposal into exciting new realms. The judges said, “It leads from the front in re-imagining the way content can be used and sold.”

The other shortlisters for the award were Collins Learning, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan and Sage. You can read about all the award winners here.

As it happens, the news came in at the same time as one of our fashion editors, Anna Wright, was invited by the Publisher’s Association to take part in their latest careers video project, Working in Publishing: a World of Content Creation and Delivery.

If you have been wondering about publishing, and thinking it may be a career option for you, we heartily recommend that you watch it. She offers some greats tips and advice on how to get your first publishing job, as well as as insight on what happens behind the scenes, our day to day in the office, and some exciting new digital projects she’s working on (she also manages to link up medieval monasticism and fashion, believe it or not.)