Eye-pops, anvil drops, and giant mallets

It’s Penguins of Madagascar time!

We’re very excited about the new film from DreamWorks Animation – Penguins of Madagascar, which follows the continuing misadventures of the militaristic, monochromatic foursome.


Judging by the trailer it continues in the weird and wonderful style of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – with a loose, old-style cartoony feel they’ve made their own:

As The A.V. Club review points out this style is:

“Indebted more to the wackiness of old Warner Bros. shorts than to the realist Pixar sensibility that informs most American animated features, Penguins is packed with gags and moves with the kind of gummy elasticity—the stuff of eye-pops, anvil drops, and giant mallets pulled out of nowhere—that’s become awfully rare in the age of computer animation.”

So, budding animators, how about making your own slapstick, cartoon-style film?

9781472533678_130We have just the thing for learning these super-cool techniques coming out next summer: look out for Cartoon Character Animation with Maya by Keith Osborn. You won’t regret it!

In the words of Paul Grant, course leader for Creative Media Production (Games Development) at City College Brighton & Hove, UK:

“Reading this book by Animation Mentor Keith Osborn is like listening to a friend who has mastered an important secret through hard graft and really wants to save you the trouble. If you want to learn the secrets to great character animation then this book should be at the top of your list even if you don’t use Maya.”