Modeconnect’s YourView 2015 fashion competition finalists

This year Bloomsbury are sponsoring Modeconnect‘s fashion competition, YourView. You can vote for your favourite finalist from 11th July: check out the first six announced below (particularly loving the goggle-eyed cats and Afro-Japanese style).


Launched in May 2012, provides resources for all those interested in the fashion industry and a worldwide platform on which fashion students, educators and young designers can show their work and share information.

To enter the YourView 2015 competition, students worldwide submitted three images created for a project on their fashion illustration, fashion photography, apparel, textile design or similar course. The winners are chosen by a popular vote, running 11th-19th July. Check out all the finalists below!

Hannah Sykes Modeconnect YourView 490

Hannah Sykes, 21, Blackpool, UK

Lauren Hay Modeconnect YourView 490

Lauren Hay, 22, Aberdeen, UK

Megan Wyatt -Modeconnect YourView 490

Megan Wyatt, 21, Falmouth, UK

Ryan Graham Modeconnect YourView 490

Ryan Graham, 22, Sunderland, UK

Johnathan Hayden Modeconnect YourView 490

Jonathan Hayden, 24, Savannah, USA

Noella Tapasu Koy Modeconnect YourView 490

Noëlla Tapasu Koy, 26, Paris, France

Laurensia Salim Modeconnect YourView 490

Laurensia Salim, 19, Singapore

Demi Mammaw-Modeconnect YourView 490

Demi Mummaw, 22, Boston MA, USA

Vimbai Chingosho-Modeconnect YourView 490

Vimbai Chingosho, 27, Johannesburg, South Africa

Khalee Kreider -Modeconnect YourView 490

Khalee Kreider, 20, Manheim PA, US

Zahra Rose Alazaibi Modeconnect YourView 490

Zahra Rose Alazaibi, 22, London, England

Ekaterina Spirova-Modeconnect YourView 490

Ekaterina Spirova, 26, Vladimir, Russia

Seda Avni -Modeconnect YourView 490

Seda Avni, 21, London, UK

Abbey Eilermann-Modeconnect YourView 490

Abbey Eilermann, 22, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Charlotte Ambrose - Modeconnect - Yourview 490

Charlotte Ambrose, 21, London, UK

Alex Wall  - Modeconnect - Yourview 490

Alexandra Wall, 23, Epsom, UK

Elda Joaquim-Modeconnect-Yourview-490

Elda Joaquim, 30, Lisbon, Portugal

Gemma Felberg Modeconnect YourView 490

Gemma Felberg, 22, London, UK

Francesca Scott modeconnect Yourview-490

Francesca Scott, 21, York, UK

Dale Ridley Modeconnect Yourview - 490

Dale Nathan Ridley, 24, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

We’ll have more of the finalists coming soon, plus we’ll remind you to vote from 11th July!