Preview: Fashion Victims and The Dress Detective

We’ve just seen advances of Fashion Victims (Sept) and The Dress Detective (Nov), and boy they look beautiful! Whet your appetite with our exclusive previews and pics right here.

Fashion Victims
The Dangers of Dress Past and Present

By Alison Matthews David
24 September 2015
Hardback | £25 (but check the Bloomsbury website in Sept for a special discount)

Box-of-books-490pxAll I can say was the packaging was the real victim when the boxes arrived.

Fashion Victims
is a journey through the toxic history of fashion that has harmed and killed by accident or design. Boldly gory and gruesome in their detail, these are stories of diseased dresses, poisonous pigments and explosive artificial materials, of victims in thrall to fashion trends whatever the cost, of wily murderers and of tragic accidents.

Read the introduction in this exclusive online preview:








The Dress Detective

A Practical Guide to Object-Based Research in Fashion
By Ingrid Mida and Alexandra Kim
19 November 2015
Paperback | £24.99

Compilation-pic-490pxVery jealous of the author getting to examine these gorgeous dresses (and funky labels, maverick stitching, etc) in real life.

Beautifully illustrated, The Dress Detective contains seven case studies of fashionable Western garments, ranging from an 1820s coat to a 2004 Kenzo jacket. It provides readers with the tools to uncover the hidden stories in garments, setting out a carefully developed research methodology specific to dress, and providing easy to use checklists that guide the reader through the process.

Get a feel for the book in this exclusive online preview:









Watch this space for news of the Renaissance accountant who chronicled his outfits with such regularity and detail that we must hail him as the first fashion blogger..

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