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There’s so much new material just gone live on the Berg Fashion Library! We’ve rounded up what’s free to give you a taster, and if your university doesn’t have access yet make sure you recommend it to your librarian.



What’s Free?

3 Free Articles: you can always check back to the homepage at to see which articles we’ve made free to read. At the moment we have two designer profiles and an article about the merino wool industry in Australia:

2 New Bibliographic Guides: bibliographic guides have been created to provide teachers, students and researchers with a concise overview of all the key readings and schools of thought within a particular disciplinary perspective. You can see the whole list here, or check out just the new ones:

2 New Lesson Plans: less plans have been carefully prepared to help lecturers and teachers plan their lessons more effectively, using material from the Berg Fashion Library. We have two new plans for you, from Sandra Lee Evenson at the University of Idaho:

New for subscribers

Kerry Taylor Chinese collar

(Image © Kerry Taylor Auctions)

500 images from Kerry Taylor Auctions

Our major new image partnership with Kerry Taylor Auctions will make over 1000 pieces from a beautiful back catalogue of images available to subscribers. The first 500 images are now live.

Established in 2003, Kerry Taylor Auctions is the world’s leading auction house specialising in vintage fashion, fine antique costume and textiles. It holds at least 5 auctions a year, including two ‘Passion for Fashion’ auctions which feature fine and rare costume and only the best examples of vintage haute couture. Kerry, a former director at Sotheby’s, sells to all the major museums and private dealers across the world and has handled collections from the likes of Jerry Hall, Audrey Hepburn and H.R.H the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Her sale room has seen fine and rare examples of Ottoman robes and Georgian court dress as well as everyday fashion.


(Image © Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

500 images from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Bloomsbury and LACMA have partnered to make 1,500 high-quality images from the Museum’s world-renowned Costume and Textile collection available on the Berg Fashion Library. Featuring objects from around the globe and spanning the past 2,000 years, the images will showcase the Museum’s superb holdings, from haute couture and avant-garde fashion to 17th-century hand-painted fashion plates and Japanese kimonos.

Founded in 1965, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is based in California and is the largest art museum in the western United States. The Costume and Textiles collection at LACMA contains over 20,000 items. It comprises objects from around the globe, from Asia to Europe, and showcases an impressive breadth of objects from womenswear, menswear and accessories to rare illustrations and fashion plates.

9 new online exclusive articles in the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Natural Hair, Tameka N. Ellington (The United States and Canada)
Powerful Patches: The Magic, Messages, and Mysteries of Mardi Gras Indian Costume, Ann M. DuPont (The United States and Canada)
Snapshot: Brazilian Women’s Lycra Clothing, Elizabeth Kutesko (Latin America and the Caribbean)
Tango Dress, Marilyn G. Miller (Latin America and the Caribbean)
Hanji (Traditional Korean Paper) Fashions, Yongsook Kim and Hye-Won Lim (East Asia)
Fibulae and Dress in Iron Age Europe, Bettina Arnold and Sabine Hopert Hagmann (West Europe)
Waterproof Clothing, Arlesa Shephard (Global Perspectives)
Peacock Revolution Legacy: American Men’s Fashion in the 1970s, Daniel Delis Hill (Global Perspectives)
Violence and Western Fashion, 1914–2014, Lucy Moyse (Global Perspectives)


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