Emotional Wellbeing of the Creative Soul: Guanxi takes time

The 4th part in a series of blog posts written ‘exclusively’ for Graduate Fashion Week by Samata

People don’t say this out loud very much but it gets lonely at times and the step that usually comes directly after loneliness is self-doubt; self-doubt about your ability, creativity, status, finances, future…the list goes on. Rest assured, you are not alone!

We all feel the same way when it comes to the fashion industry, even, or moreover especially, those deep in the influential circles of an industry, where who you know can often takes precedence over talent.

I am a member of a private London based group called GuanSHE, a take on the Chinese ‘Guanxi’ – a word for the system of social networks and influential relationships which facilitate business and other dealings – and we often discuss the value of our networks.

Regardless of the sector you work in I think we can all acknowledge the desire for Guanxi because it can grant access, secure coverage and change the likelihood of an email being read, let alone received. Still we should cling on to the obvious truth….that simply put hard work creates powerful Guanxi and nothing else. We are all old and wise enough to know there is no such thing as an overnight success, diligence develops connections, as does tenacity.

Has guest lectured at a number of fashion colleges, including the London College of Fashion, Central St Martins, Berkeley and ESMOD

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